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Congratulations to Enso's new 2nd Dans

So, today was a big day in the life and times of Enso Shotokan Karate. Today was the day that we moved onwards into a new and better dimension. Two very long serving and experienced Karateka, who had both been training for decades, both took that courageous step and attempted their second Dans.

Alan Roberts and Wayne Ricketts are two remarkable men. They have both been training for years. Indeed, between them they have a Karate journey that is over 40 years long. Both are skilled and ferocious fighters; I know because I have fought them both and their Jiyu Ippon kumite today was spirited, direct, aggressive, and equally, controlled.

They have been training really hard for six months, but the level of experience and ability for both goes back decades, so today was an affirmation of their skill and ability, and although I pushed them both very hard in the pre-grading session, it was done in the knowledge that although both were tired and exhausted, they knew that they were going to be tested hard. And they were.They expected nothing less; achieving grades should be tough and demanding, otherwise what does it really mean?

So, sincere congratulations to both, they were a credit to themselves and Shotokan and all those who helped them on that journey.


Sensei Austin

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